Tomoyuki Shirai

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Tomoyuki Shirai

Tomoyuki Shirai 白井智之

Tomoyuki Shirai (1990–) was born in Chiba Prefecture and graduated from Tōhoku University, where he was a member of the Science Fiction and Mystery Study Group. He made his literary debut in 2014 when his submission for the Yokomizo Seishi Mystery Prize, the novel Ningen no kao wa tabezurai (A Person’s Face Is Hard to Eat), became a finalist in the judging and won particularly high praise from jurors Arisu Arisugawa and Shūsuke Michio. He followed up with Tōkyō ketsugō ningen (Honestman) in 2015, and Oyasumi jinmensō (Goodnight, Ulcer with a Human Face) in 2016. Although he displays a fondness for portraying every variety of moral turpitude, he is at root a creator of stoutly built puzzlers who inherits the mantle of the shin-honkaku (“new orthodox”) mystery writers. Fans await his each new title with eager anticipation, wondering what utterly novel idea he will come up with next.

Books by Tomoyuki Shirai
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    Following a wild and bloody prologue filled with all manner of sordidness and brutality, from—at the mild end—an underage call girl operation to abduction, imprisonment, and repeated rape of the girls and to grisly violence that leaves the victim bare …