Kairi Aotsuki

Kairi Aotsuki 蒼月海里

Kairi Aotsuki was born in the city of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture but grew up in Chiba Prefecture. He graduated from the College of Science and Technology at Nihon University. He maintains a regular writing schedule while also working at a bookstore in Tokyo. His titles include the very popular Yūrakuchō obake dagashi-ya (Old-Fashioned Candy Store in the Town of Stray Ghosts) series, the Gensō kosho-ten de kōhī o (Coffee at the Phantom Antiquarian Bookstore) series, and the Shinkai kafe: Kaitei niman mairu (Deep Sea Café: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) series. He has won fans for his light touch and distinctive worldview.

Books by Kairi Aotsuki
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    Underground Apartments Available Now!

    Author Kairi Aotsuki debuts an all-new, fantastical, light-comedy series set in an extradimensional underground apartment house and featuring a cast of highly distinctive and appealing characters. Kazuha Katsuragi is kicked out of his parents’ home for …