Mami Aoya

Mami Aoya 青谷真未

Mami Aoya made her literary debut in 2013 with the story collection Kanoe-san no hidarite (Kanoe’s Left Hand), telling of “strange and cruel events” that take place at an unnamed girls’ school; the manuscript had been awarded the Special Prize in the Poplar Fiction Prize for New Writers competition for 2012. She is also author of the Yamashiro Yuzuki no ayakashi jikenbo (Yuzuki Yamashiro’s Ghostly Case Book) series, which humorously portrays the complicated relationship between a woman who can see ghosts and spirits, and a handsome Shinto priest who can sense but not see their presence and detests them.

Books by Mami Aoya
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    Chopin’s Heart

    Kenta is still trying to find a job after graduating from college. Passing through a shopping district on his way back from an interview, he sees a storefront with a curious sign that says “Odd-Job Art Detective” and decides to enter. The shop is owne …