Yoshimitsu Hiejima

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Yoshimitsu Hiejima

Yoshimitsu Hiejima 比江島欣慎

Yoshimitsu Hiejima (1966–) was born in Miyazaki Prefecture. After completing his undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Mathematics at Kyushu University in 1989, he joined Banyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (now MSD) and spent the next five years analyzing clinical-trial data. In 1994 he returned to school at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies to study statistical science, and completed his doctorate there in 1997. He worked as an adjunct researcher at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics before joining the Faculty of Healthcare at Tokyo Healthcare University in 2005 as an assistant professor. He became a full professor in 2009.

Books by Yoshimitsu Hiejima
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    An Illustrated Introduction to Medical Statistics

    With amusing illustrations to accompany the lucidly written explanations, this introduction to medical statistics almost feels like reading a comic book at times. The illustrations help readers quickly grasp how statistics are used and interpreted in medi …