Philip Hawke

Philip Hawke フィリップ ホーク

Philip Hawke earned a BA in sociology from the University of Toronto in 1996, and an MA in linguistics from Surrey University in 2006. After first arriving in Japan in 1996, he became an assistant language teacher for the Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education. In 2008 he became an assistant professor in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as the Graduate School of Integrated Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Sciences at Shizuoka University. Besides instructing students in methods of learning and self-evaluation that will enable them to continue to expand their horizons throughout their lives, he strives to equip students with the linguistic ability and specialized skills needed to acquit themselves respectably on the international stage.

Books by Philip Hawke
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    English Presentation Skills for Japanese Scientists

    Two native-English speakers teaching at Japanese graduate institutions lay out everything a Japanese scientist needs to know about presenting an academic paper in English for the first time, whether within his or her own university or at an academic confe …