Yasuko Mitani

Yasuko Mitani 三谷鳩子

Yasuko Mitani (1946–) was born in Kyoto. She graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, in 1968 with a degree in English language and literature. In 1974 she enrolled in the Pastoral Studies program at Loyala University in Chicago, but subsequently withdrew. She completed her PhD in the Faculty of Arts and Letters Graduate School at Tohoku University in 2007. She has been a part-time lecturer at Sendai Shirayuri Women’s College since 2000.

Books by Yasuko Mitani
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    Man as an Image of God in Thomas Aquinas

    The theological doctrine of imago Dei—the concept that humans were created in the image of God—was much discussed in medieval Europe. But in what sense are humans the image of God? The Italian Dominican friar Thomas Aquinas (1225–74) was among the m …