Bunpei Yorifuji

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Bunpei Yorifuji

Bunpei Yorifuji 寄藤文平

Bunpei Yorifuji (1973–) is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Nagano Prefecture. He founded the Yorifuji Design Office in 1998, followed by Bunpei Ginza LLC in 2000. In addition to designing book covers, he provides art direction for advertisements and a variety of other projects, including Japan Tobacco’s “Adult Smoking Manners” campaign. Among his solo publications are Shini katarogu (The Catalog of Death), Rakugaki masutā: Kaku koto ga tonoshiku naru e no kihon (Master of Imagination and Drawing), and Genso seikatsu (Wonderful Life with the Elements). His collaborations include Jishin itsumo nōto (Always Be Prepared Earthquake Notes) and Jishin itsumo manyuaru (Always Be Prepared Earthquake Manual).

Books by Bunpei Yorifuji
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    Wonderful Life with the Elements, Complete Edition

    This illustrated presentation of the chemical elements is the complete edition of Genso seikatsu (Wonderful Life with the Elements), which was first published in 2009. It adds nihonium, the 113th element, to which Japan earned the naming rights in 2016. …