Takeshi Yoshida

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Takeshi Yoshida

Takeshi Yoshida 吉田武

Takeshi Yoshida (1956-), D.Eng., is a science writer. Born in Osaka Prefecture, he graduated in Applied Mathematics and Physics from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, and is engaged in the renewal of science and engineering education from a transdisciplinary perspective. His diverse activities include lectures, proposals on educational curricula, and editorial and publishing projects. Principal works include his tetralogy on mathematics: Hajimemashite sūgaku rimeiku (Hello Mathematics! Redux), Kyosū no jōcho (Emotions of Imaginary Numbers), Shinsōban Oirā no okurimono (Euler’s Gift, New Edition), and Sosū yakyoku (Prime Number Nocturne); and his tetralogy on physics: Hajimemashite butsuri (Hello Physics!), Yobirin no kagaku (Doorbell Science), Kepurā: Tenkū no senritsu (Kepler’s Heavenly Melody), and Makusuweru: Ba to ryūshi no butō (Maxwell’s Dance of Fields and Particles).

Books by Takeshi Yoshida
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    Hello Physics!

    As the “Hello” in the title suggests, this reader-friendly guide introduces beginners, including school-age children, to physics as the foundation of all science. The topics covered in each chapter are explained through familiar real-life examples wit …