Kin’ya Shirakawa

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Kin’ya Shirakawa

Kin’ya Shirakawa 白川欽哉

Kin’ya Shirakawa (1961–), PhD, was born in Aomori Prefecture. He began his higher studies in September 1979 at the Herder-Institut of Karl Marx University (now Leipzig University) in the German Democratic Republic, moved to the Economics College in East Berlin (now the University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics, Berlin) in September 1980, and ultimately transferred to the Tōhoku University Faculty of Economics in 1986 to complete his degree. In 1988 he enrolled in the master’s program in the Graduate School of Economics and Business at Hokkaido University, and in 1990 he continued on to the PhD program. He joined the faculty of Akita University of Economics and Law (now North Asia University) as a lecturer in 1998 and later became a full professor. Since 2012 he has been a professor at Kushiro Public University of Economics.

Books by Kin’ya Shirakawa
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    A History of Industrial Management in East Germany

    This volume positions the history of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) as part of modern German history, analyzing the GDR’s manufacturing structure and how it changed over time. It surveys the period from when the GDR was first established …