Hideyuki Takano

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Hideyuki Takano

Hideyuki Takano 高野秀行

Hideyuki Takano (1966-) was born in Tokyo. His writerly debut came in 1989 as a student at Waseda University, when he published Genjū Mubenbe o oe (Chasing the Cryptid Mokele-Mbembe), an account of an adventure undertaken by the Explorer’s Club at the university. Since then he has continued to write about his journeys to remote regions of the world, making it his motto to “go where no one goes, do what no one does, and write about the experience in interesting and humorous ways.” In 2006 he won the Tippling Booksellers Prize—an award that spotlights overlooked bunko books (pocket paperbacks) more than a year old—for his 2003 book Waseda sanjō seishun-ki (My Salad Days in a Waseda Three-Mat Room). In 2013 his Nazo no dokuritsu kokka Somarirando (Somaliland, Puntland, and South Somalia) won both the Kodansha Nonfiction Award and the Umesao Tadao Mountaineer and Explorer Literary Prize. As a leading exponent of a more entertaining brand of nonfiction that breaks out of conventional journalistic constraints, Takano has won effusive accolades from numerous writers and critics. His other titles include Kaijū-ki (In Search of the Lake Van Monster), Ajia michi dōbutsu kikō (Cryptid Hunting in Asia), Isuramu inshu kikō (A Tippler’s Journey through the Islamic World), and Ahen ōkoku sennyū-ki (Infiltrating the Golden Triangle).

Books by Hideyuki Takano
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    Southwestern Silk Road

    A “nonfiction entertainment” in which author Hideyuki Takano travels the so-called “Southwestern Silk Road” from the city of Chengdu in the central Chinese province of Sichuan through northern Myanmar and into India. The Silk Road of renown stret …