Masatoshi Nakao

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Masatoshi Nakao

Masatoshi Nakao ナカオマサトシ

Masatoshi Nakao (1982-) was born in Wakayama Prefecture. He was working in the production of educational TV programs when he made his debut as a picture-book author in 2012 with Urenai yakisoba pan (The Yakisoba Sandwich Nobody Wants; illustrated by Inunco, co-authored by Mai Tominaga). His other titles include Dondon kuru kuru (It Keeps Coming and Coming; illustrated by Akiko Iwata), and Yōkai bā (Kooky Kreature Boo!) written with Mariko Ishikawa under the creative-team name Soratobu Enban (“Flying Saucer”). In 2016 he received the Wakayama Picture Book Grand Prize for Itterasshai Unchi-kun (Goodbye, Mr. Poopy), which he created together with Masanori Inui.

Books by Masatoshi Nakao
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    Rag Tag Wrestlers

    Cara the Flowery Towel has been touring as a pop idol. But one day a gang of dustballs who love nothing better than to make things dirty crash her performance and throw mud bombs at her. Even after scrubbing in the bath, the dirt doesn’t all come out, a …