Kageki Shimoda

Kageki Shimoda 志茂田景樹

Kageki Shimoda (1940-) was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. He writes genre fiction for the general reader as well as children’s stories and picture books. A strong proponent of reading aloud to children, he conducts readings at preschools and kindergartens throughout the country. In 1980 he won the Naoki Prize for Kiiroi kiba (Yellow Fangs). His wide variety of genre-fiction offerings ranges from the Kujaku keishi (Inspector Peacock) series, with its mixture of eroticism and adult humor, to historical fiction, supernatural tales, detective fiction, biographical fiction, speculative fiction, picaresque, and more. In 2013 he won the Japan Picture Book Award Readers’ Prize for Kirin ga kuru hi (The Day the Giraffe Came; illustrated by Seigo Kijima).

Books by Kageki Shimoda
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    Poko the Fish Owl

    Representing wildlife in this picture book addressing the question of how they and humans can coexist is the eponymous species of bird known in full as “Blakiston’s fish owl.” The central character is an elementary-aged boy named Isamu. As the stor …