Kyōko Minami

Kyōko Minami 南杏子

Kyōko Minami (1961-) was born in Tokushima Prefecture. After graduating from college and working at a publishing house for a time, she returned to school at the Tōkai University School of Medicine to become a physician. She started her medical practice as a geriatric internist at a hospital in Tokyo before moving to Switzerland, where she served as a consulting physician for a health and welfare mutual aid society. Upon returning to Japan, she took up a position as an internist at a terminal care facility in Tokyo. In 2016 she published the novel Sairento buresu (Silent Breath) to make her debut as an author. The work sparked much debate for the way it grapples from the perspective of a physician with end-of-life care and related problems presented by Japan’s rapidly aging population.

Books by Kyōko Minami
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    Silent Breath

    This novel follows the footsteps of a doctor who works for a health clinic serving terminally ill patients who wish to die in their own homes rather than in an institutional setting. Although surveys indicate that most of Japan’s elderly wish to live ou …