Yūsuke Miyauchi

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Yūsuke Miyauchi

Yūsuke Miyauchi 宮内悠介

Yūsuke Miyauchi (1979–) was born in Tokyo. He moved to the United States with his family at the age of four, and lived in New York until 1992. A graduate of Waseda University, he belonged to the Waseda Mystery Club in his college years. His story centering on the game Go, Banjō no yoru (An Evening at the Board), was shortlisted for the Sōgen SF Short Story Prize in 2010 and received judge Masaki Yamada’s special jury citation in the competition; the eponymous collection of six stories he subsequently published was shortlisted for the prestigious Naoki Prize and took the Japan SF Grand Prize in 2012. His second collection Yohanesuburugu no tenshi-tachi (City in Plague Time) was also shortlisted for the Naoki and won a special prize in the 2013 Japan SF Grand Prize competition. In 2016, his collection Kanojo ga esupā datta koro (The Discoverie of Witchcraft) won the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers. His other titles include the collections Ekusodasu shōkōgun (Exodus Syndrome), Supēsu kin’yūdō (The Adventures of a Galactic Loan Shark), and the novel Amerika saigo no jikken (America: The End of the Experiment). He is an up-and-coming writer of many talents, who brings fresh ideas and style to each new work he publishes.

Books by Yūsuke Miyauchi
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    The Adventures of a Galactic Loan Shark

    The five linked stories in this humor-filled sci-fi collection take place on the first exoplanet that humans have succeeded in colonizing, familiarly referred to as “Second Avenue,” where a loan shark and his boss go about collecting debts from androi …