Miu Kakiya

Miu Kakiya 垣谷美雨

Miu Kakiya (1959-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. She worked as a systems engineer for a software company before winning the Shōsetsu Suiri New Writers Prize for her mid-length Tatsumaki gāru (Tornado Girl) in 2005. Her 2008 time-travel novel Risetto (Reset) was adapted to television, as was 2013’s Otto no kanojo (Husband’s Lover), a novel in which a man’s wife and a female subordinate of his at work swap bodies. In 2012 she published the provocative novel Nanajussai shibō hōan, kaketsu (Age 70 Death Bill, Passed), and in 2015 she followed it with another work examining aspects of Japan’s aging population, Rōgo no shikin arimasen (No Nest Egg to Retire On). Her other titles include Nyūtaun wa tasogarete (Sunset over New Town), Anata no jinsei, katazukemasu (I Will Clean Up Your Life), Ko-sodate wa mō sotsugyō shimasu (Time to Graduate from Child-Rearing), Hinanjo (Shelter), Nō gāru, nō raifu (Farm Girl, Farm Life), and Yome o yameru hi (No More Being the Daughter-In-Law).

Books by Miu Kakiya
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    No Nest Egg to Retire On

    As the Japanese population continues to age at an unprecedented rate—by 2025, one in five Japanese will be over 75, and one in three over 65—this novel portrays the ups and downs of one three-generation family, with particular focus on the trials of t …