Sanae Hoshio

Sanae Hoshio ほしおさなえ

Sanae Hoshio (1964-) was born in Tokyo, the daughter of well-known translator and mystery critic Nobumitsu Kodaka. She worked for a publisher of scientific and technical books and as a university research assistant before becoming an author and poet. In 1995 she received an honorable mention in the Gunzō Prize for New Writers contest for Kage o mekuru toki (Pulling Back the Shadows), written under the pen name Ayane Akiyama, and in 2002 her Hebi-ichigo Sanatoriumu (Snakeberry Sanatorium) was shortlisted for the Ayukawa Tetsuya Award. Her many other titles include Akiya-ka maboroshi-tan (Phantom Tales of the Ocean City Vacant House Department), Otōsan no baiorin (Father’s Violin), Orenji no hi no mukō ni (Beyond the Orange Sun), and the juvenile series Monodama tanteidan (The Channeling Detective).

Books by Sanae Hoshio
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    Letterpress Print Shop Mikazuki-dō: Star Bookmarks

    Four linked tales centering on an old-fashioned letterpress print shop called Mikazuki-dō tell the stories of customers who find solace for their personal difficulties in the print jobs they come in to request. It is the first volume of an ongoing series …