Taiyō Fujii

Taiyō Fujii 藤井太洋

Taiyō Fujii (1971–) was born on the island of Amami Ōshima in Kagoshima Prefecture. After stints as a stage designer, DTP producer, and graphic director, he was working for a software developer in 2012 when he decided to try his hand at science fiction, producing his first novel, Gene Mapper (original English title), entirely on his iPhone and self-publishing it as an ebook. The work quickly generated buzz by selling over 7,000 copies and was picked up by a publisher, leading to Fujii’s print debut in 2013 with the expanded Gene Mapper Full Build. In 2014 his second novel Ōbitaru kuraudo (Orbital Cloud) won the Japan SF Grand Prize, and in 2015 he became president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan. His other titles include Andāguraundo māketto (Underground Market) and Biggudēta konekuto (Big Data Connect). He has earned a reputation for his bold conceptions and his rigorously precise scientific and technical detail.

Books by Taiyō Fujii
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    Big Data Connect

    Cybercrimes that take advantage of the global connectivity provided by computers, smartphones, and the Internet are on the rise. Focusing on an investigator in a specialized cybercrime unit, this suspense novel is a new kind of police procedural for the d …