Maho Tonouchi

Maho Tonouchi 殿内真帆

Maho Tonouchi (1973–) graduated from the University of Tsukuba and works as an independent illustrator. In 2015 she collaborated on character designs for bags and accessories by the Italian fashion label Furla. She has illustrated numerous picture books, including Tokei no Ao-kun (translation of Little Blue Clock) by Elizabeth Roberts, and Chairoi tsutsumi-gami no hanashi (The Story of the Brown Wrapping Paper) based on a book by Alison Uttley.

Books by Maho Tonouchi
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    A kindergarten boy named Fuku goes outside after some rain and finds a big puddle of water in front of his house. He sloshes into it with his rubber boots and is splashing around when to his surprise the puddle speaks up. “Hey, little fella, could you g …