Kōtarō Tsunekawa

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Kōtarō Tsunekawa

Kōtarō Tsunekawa 恒川光太郎

Kōtarō Tsunekawa (1973–)  was born on the outskirts of Tokyo. Though he initially read anything he could get his hands on in his student days, he found himself drawn increasingly to literature of the fantastic and supernatural. On the threshold of 30, he moved to Okinawa, where he taught in an exam prep academy while writing on the side. He made his publishing debut after winning the Japan Horror Story Grand Prize in 2005 for Yoichi (Night Market), and since then he has devoted himself full-time to writing. When Yoichi came out as a book together with one other title, it became a candidate for the prestigious Naoki Prize. In 2014 he won the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Novels for Kin’iro kikai (The Golden Machine). He has an extraordinary talent for constructing imaginary worlds inspired by folk traditions. His other titles include the novels Kaminari no kisetsu no owari ni (When the Season of Lightning Ends) and Sutā pureiyā (Star Player), and the story collections Aki no rōgoku (Autumn Prison) and Kusamatsuri (Grass Festival).

Books by Kōtarō Tsunekawa
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    The Golden Machine

    This dark fantasy centers on a humanoid alien said to have come to earth from the moon over 300 years ago, during Japan’s feudal Edo period (1603?1867). Known as Mr. Golden because of his shiny color, the alien has perfect recall of everything he sees a …