Kyōhei Sakaguchi

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Kyōhei Sakaguchi

Kyōhei Sakaguchi 坂口恭平

Kyōhei Sakaguchi (1978–)  was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. Setting his sights on becoming an architect, he applied to the architectural program at Waseda University in order to study under professor and architect Osamu Ishiyama. As an undergraduate, he helped build a hospice in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, brick by brick, almost entirely by hand. In 2004 he garnered attention for a book based on his graduation thesis, Zero-en hausu (Zero Yen Houses), featuring photos of shelters cobbled together by homeless people. In May 2011, following the major natural and nuclear disasters on Japan’s Pacific coast, he announced the establishment of an imaginary independent state and became its first prime minister. He then chronicled the event in the offbeat how-to book Dokuritsu kokka no tsukuri-kata (How to Build an Independent State), which became a bestseller. His other titles include Yōnen jidai (Childhood), which received the Kumanichi Publication Culture Award, and the novella Haikai takushī (Wandering Taxi).

Books by Kyōhei Sakaguchi
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    Wandering Taxi

    A young man struggling to make it on his own after college is prompted by an experience with his great-grandmother to make a new start. Kyōhei, loosely modeled on the author, is 25. Since graduating from a top university in Tokyo he has been working for …