Tetsuzo Fukuzawa

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Tetsuzo Fukuzawa

Tetsuzo Fukuzawa 福澤徹三

Tetsuzo Fukuzawa (1962–)  was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. He made his publishing debut with the horror story collection Genjitsu (Sun Dog; retitled Saisei botan [Play Button] for the compact paperback edition) in 2000. The polished prose displayed throughout immediately established Fukuzawa as a horror author to watch. He has also gained a high reputation for his outlaw novels, and in 2008 won the Haruhiko Oyabu Award for Sujibori (Line Tattoo).

Books by Tetsuzo Fukuzawa
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    Displaced in Tokyo

    Osamu Tokieda is in his third year at a college on the outskirts of Tokyo. He is reveling in the easy student life, spending time with his girlfriend and earning pocket money at a part-time job, when his advisor informs him that he has been disenrolled fo …