Kotaro Sawaki

Kotaro Sawaki 沢木耕太郎

Kotaro Sawaki  (1947–)  is a nonfiction writer, essayist, and novelist. Born in Tokyo, he made his publishing debut in 1970 with Sakimori no buruusu (Soldier's Blues), which looked at the life of enlistees in Japan's Self-Defense Forces. He won the Oya Soichi Nonfiction Award in 1979 for Teroru no kessan (The Extremists' Balance Sheet), an examination of the 1960 assassination of Japan Socialist Party Chair Inejiro Asanuma; the Nitta Jiro Literary Prize in 1982 for Isshun no natsu (The Summer of a Fleeting Second), about pro boxer Cassius Naito; and the Kodansha Nonfiction Award in 2006 for Tou (Freeze), about a mountain-climbing couple who nearly died in the Himalayas. Many of his works, both fiction and nonfiction, involves sports or travel.

Books by Kotaro Sawaki
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    Capa's Cross

    Capa's Cross follows the author, Kotaro Sawaki, as he unravels the mystery behind the historic photograph "The Falling Soldier," attributed to the legendary photojournalist Robert Capa. The photograph was taken during the Spanish Civil War and shows a sol …