Emel Komatsu

Emel Komatsu 小松エメル

Emel Komatsu (1984–)  was born in Tokyo. Her maternal grandfather being from Turkey, she was given a name that means "strong, kind, and beautiful" in Turkish. She graduated from Kokugakuin University with a degree in history, and first broke into publishing with the story collection Ikki yako (Parade of Monsters), which won the Jive Fiction Grand Prize in 2008 to high praise from the selection committee. The fourth volume in the series, Ikki yako: Karezu no hozuki (Parade of Monsters: The Lantern Plant That Never Withers) was voted #2 on the 2012 Kono jidai shosetsu ga sugoi! (This Period Novel Is Amazing!) list. Besides the Ikki yako series, now up to six volumes, her works include Uwan (Uwan) and Yakusoku: Rangaku-juku Genyudo seishun-ki (Promises: Students of the Genyudo Dutch-Learning School). An up-and-coming author, Komatsu is noted for her fertile imagination and warmly drawn characters.

Books by Emel Komatsu
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    Parade of Monsters

    Ghostly lore in Japan includes a host of weird and diverse supernatural creatures known collectively as yokai. One night as the sundry ghouls and goblins are making their procession, a yokai named Koharu drops out of line and begins falling. He lands in t …