Kaoru Endō

Kaoru Endō 遠藤薫

Kaoru Endō (1952–)  is a professor in the Gakushūin University Faculty of Law, specializing in theoretical sociology, social informatics, and social simulation. She earned her BA from the University of Tokyo in 1977, and her PhD from the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Science and Engineering in 1993. She was assistant professor at Shinshū University and Tokyo Institute of Technology prior to joining the faculty of Gakushūin University. Her major publications include Gurōbarizēshon to toshi henyō (Globalization and the Transformation of Cities), Daishinsai-go no shakaigaku (A Post-Disaster Sociology), and Media wa daishinsai, genpatsu jiko o dō katatta ka (How Did the Media Report the Great Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster?).

Books by Kaoru Endō