Satoko Hiwa

Satoko Hiwa 日和聡子

Satoko Hiwa (1974–)  majored in Japanese literature at Rikkyo University and has been writing poetry since she was in elementary school. Her self-published first collection of poetry Biruma (Biruma) won the Nakahara Chuya Prize in 2002, placing her immediately on Japan's literary map. While continuing to compile collections of poetry, she also began writing fiction, with her story Jingyuzu (In Search of the Bull) becoming a finalist for the Kawabata Yasunari Prize in 2005 and her novel Onogoro-jima (Onogoro Island) a finalist for the Mishima Yukio Prize in 2007. The novel Raho yonsen-nen ki (Spiral Shell Four-Thousand-Year Record) garnered her the Noma Prize for New Writers in 2012. Her works are regarded as breaking fertile new ground in fiction with their highly distinctive linguistic sensibilities. Her other prose titles include the novel Hi no tabi (Journey of Fire; 2007), and the collection of short shorts Kawarakyo (Sutra Tiles; 2009).

Books by Satoko Hiwa
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    Spiral Shell Four-Thousand-Year Record

    Layering its images one on top of the other in a manner resembling the spiral shell of the title, this novel is written in a style that deliberately obscures whether the story is dream or reality, and whether it takes place in the distant mythological pas …