Ritsuko Inoue

Ritsuko Inoue 井上理津子

Ritsuko Inoue (1955–)  was long based in Osaka as a freelance interviewer, reporter, travel writer, and bar reviewer. Much of her writing takes the perspective of the ordinary citizen. She worked on Saigo no iromachi, Tobita (Tobita, the Last Pleasure Quarter) for 12 years before publishing it in 2011, generating much interest in the media. She has recently moved to Tokyo and is focusing her writing on funeral services. Among her other publications are Osaka: Shitamachi sakaba retsuden (Osaka: Low-City Watering Hole Stories), Hajimari wa Osaka ni ari (Invented in Osaka), and Ryojo sakaba o yuku (Oases on the Road).

Books by Ritsuko Inoue
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    Tobita, the Last Pleasure Quarter

    The licensed brothel districts of old Japan live on in spirit in the Tobita area of Osaka's Nishinari Ward. Within a square of land no more than 400 meters (a quarter mile) on a side can be found a concentration of some 160 establishments, officially "res …