Kazuo Murakami

Kazuo Murakami 村上和雄

Kazuo Murakami  (1936–)  is Professor Emeritus at the University of Tsukuba. He completed his doctorate in agricultural chemistry at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture in 1963 and went on to become a researcher at Oregon Health & Science University in the same year. He was appointed Professor of Applied Biochemistry in 1978 and began research in genetics. In 1983 he successfully decoded the enzyme renin, a hidden factor behind high blood pressure, gaining worldwide recognition for his achievement. He received the Japan Academy Prize in 1996, and in 2011 he was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure. He has written numerous books, including The Divine Code of Life, The Divine Code of Life (2), Something Great, God Prefers Fools (all published by Sunmark), The Ridiculous Power of Life (Kodansha), Yes! Everything Will Work Out! (Kairyusha), Living with Passion, Laws of the Soul and Genes that Make Life Worthwhile (both published by Chichi), and A Million Prayers for a Miracle (Softbank Creative). The documentary film SWITCH revolves around his research in genetics and follows the lives of people who have taken hold of their destiny by switching on their genes. Nonprofit screenings of the documentary are receiving an immense response.

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    It's not about talent or destiny?it's about switching on your genes! The essence of the documentary film SWITCH, which has moved audiences all over Japan, is captured in this book, in which a world-class authority on biotechnology talks about how to make …