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  • Gaku Nakagawa

    Gaku Nakagawa 中川学

    Gaku Nakagawa (1966–) is an ordained monk of the Seizan branch of the Jōdo (Pure Land) school of Buddhism. A resident of Kyoto, he has worked as a cover artist and book illustrator … Details

  • Mitsuo Nakamura

    Mitsuo Nakamura 中村みつを

    Mitsuo Nakamura (1953–) was born in Tokyo, and works as an illustrator and essayist. Reflecting his fondness for remote regions of the world, much of his work both as artist and essayist is … Details

  • Chiyoko Nakatani

    Chiyoko Nakatani 中谷千代子

    Chiyoko Nakatani (1930–1981) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a degree in oil painting. Her first published work was The Lion and the Bird's Nest, which … Details

  • Reika Nakayama

    Reika Nakayama 中山玲佳

    Reika Nakayama (1974–) was born in Osaka and attended Kyoto City University of Arts, where she completed a program in oil painting in the Graduate School of Arts. She traveled to Mexico in … Details

  • Osamu Nishikawa

    Osamu Nishikawa 西川おさむ

    Osamu Nishikawa  (1940–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture and graduated from Musashino Art University with a degree in design. He has illustrated numerous children's books, including Obake no Yura to neko no Nya (Yura the Ghost and Nya the Cat; story by Noriko … Details

  • Kayako Nishimaki

    Kayako Nishimaki 西巻茅子

    Kayako Nishimaki  (1939–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She garnered two early awards from the Japan Print Association for lithographs and etchings she produced while still a … Details

  • Shigeo Nishimura

    Shigeo Nishimura 西村繁男

    Shigeo Nishimura made his debut as a picture-book author with Kuzu no yama no kitsune (Fox of the Garbage Heap). He is also known for descriptive picture books such as Ofuroya-san (The Bathhouse) and Yako … Details

  • Kae Nishimura

    Kae Nishimura にしむらかえ

    Kae Nishimura studied at art schools in Ireland and the United States after completing a humanities degree at International Christian University in Tokyo, then began working as an illustrator while living in Brooklyn. She has … Details

  • Atsuko Nishimura

    Atsuko Nishimura にしむら あつこ

    Atsuko Nishimura (1972–) was born in Tokyo. She studied dressmaking at Bunka Fashion College but upon graduation began writing and illustrating children's books. Her works include the Honehone-san (Mr. Bone) series; Konnichiwa, minna! … Details

  • Ikuo Nishimura

    Ikuo Nishimura 西村郁雄

    Ikuo Nishimura (1939–) was born in Kobe and graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo. After working as a magazine journalist and a design studio artist, he became a full-time illustrator. He has illustrated … Details

  • Toshio Nishiuchi

    Toshio Nishiuchi 西内としお

    Toshio Nishiuchi (1959–) was born in Yokohama. He joined an animation company after graduating from the Asagaya College of Art and Design in 1982, but decided to strike out on his own as … Details

  • Ikuno Ohata

    Ikuno Ohata 大畑いくの

    Ikuno Ohata  (1973–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, and studied oil painting at Western Wyoming Community College in the United States. After spending several years in Seattle following graduation, she returned to Japan in … Details

  • Yasuo Ohtomo

    Yasuo Ohtomo おおともやすお

    Yasuo Ohtomo (or Ōtomo; 1946–) was inspired by his own son to begin creating picture books. He trains a sympathetic eye on little children and their activities, depicting them in his trademark gentle style with soft … Details

  • Fuyuhiko Okabe

    Fuyuhiko Okabe 岡部冬彦

    Fuyuhiko Okabe (1922–2005) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Bijutsu Gakko (now part of Tokyo University of the Arts). After a stint in the PR department of Lion Corporation, he became … Details

  • Yoshio Okada

    Yoshio Okada 岡田嘉夫

    Yoshio Okada (1937–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. With a distinctive style characterized by delicate lines and dazzling color, he has provided illustrations and cover art for a broad range of literary works, … Details

  • Naruaki Onishi

    Naruaki Onishi 大西成明

    Naruaki Onishi  (1952–) was born in Nara Prefecture and graduated from Waseda University. He is a photographer as well as professor of photography at Tokyo Zokei University. His published photo collections include Zo no mimi (Elephant … Details

  • 100% ORANGE

    100% ORANGE 100% ORANGE

    Kenji Oikawa (1975–) and Mayuko Takeuchi (1974–) are a team who also go by the name of 100% ORANGE. Oikawa is a graphic design graduate of Tama Art University; Takeuchi, a graduate of Bunka Fashion College. Their picture … Details

  • Reiko Osoko

    Reiko Osoko 大社玲子

    Reiko Osoko (1946–) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with a degree in English and American literature. She began working as an illustrator while still in school, and … Details

  • Gennady Dmitriyevich Pavlishin

    Gennady Dmitriyevich Pavlishin G.D. パヴリーシン

    Gennady Dmitriyevich Pavlishin  (1938–) was born in the east Siberian city of Khabarovsk in the former Soviet Union, and went to university in Vladivostok. He holds the honorary title of "People's Artist of Russia" … Details

  • POP


    POP first attracted attention as the illustrator of the Moetan (Moetan) series, in which cute anime-like illustrations boost the fun quotient of studying English vocabulary and grammar, and is otherwise known as a designer of … Details