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  • Naokata Mase

    Naokata Mase 間瀬なおかた

    Naokata Mase (1950–) was born in Aichi Prefecture. His titles include Hashire Santetsu, kibo o nosete (Go, Go, Santetsu, Our Hopes Ride with You), Chugging All the Way (tr. 2006), Doraibu ni ikou … Details

  • Masulira

    Masulira マスリラ

    Masulira (1969–) grew up in Shizuoka Prefecture, and graduated from Waseda University with a degree in art history. She studied at the Setsu Mode Seminar while still in college, and went on to … Details

  • Haruno Matsumoto

    Haruno Matsumoto 松本春野

    Haruno Matsumoto  (1984–)  is an illustrator and picture-book author. Her father is author Takeshi Matsumoto and her grandmother is the late artist Chihiro Iwasaki. A graduate of Tama Art University, she has created such picture … Details

  • Mariko Matsunari

    Mariko Matsunari 松成真理子

    Mariko Matsunari (1959–) graduated from Kyoto College of Art (now University of Art and Design). An illustrator and picture-book author, she is known for her bright, flowing watercolor work. Her picture books include … Details

  • Tatsuhide Matsuoka

    Tatsuhide Matsuoka (1944–) was born in Niigata Prefecture. He developed a strong interest in nature while in grade school, and spent much of his time observing and gathering specimens. For the last four … Details

  • Yoshiko Misumi

    Yoshiko Misumi ミスミヨシコ

    Yoshiko Misumi studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She is the illustrator of Otosan! Otosan! (Daddy, Daddy!; text by Hirotaka Nakagawa) and Warui koto ga shitai! (I Want to Be Bad!; text by Kotaro … Details

  • Yōko Miyahara

    Yōko Miyahara ミヤハラヨウコ

    Yōko Miyahara lives in Kanagawa Prefecture. She worked as a Yūzen silk painter and graphic designer before turning independent as an illustrator. Picture books for which she produced both story and text include Okāsan no … Details

  • Akiko Miyakoshi

    Akiko Miyakoshi みやこしあきこ

    Akiko Miyakoshi (1982–) was born in Saitama Prefecture, and graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. Her picture book Taifū ga kuru (Typhoon Comes) won the Nissan Children’s … Details

  • Tatsuya Miyanishi

    Tatsuya Miyanishi 宮西達也

    Tatsuya Miyanishi (1956–) graduated from the Nihon University College of Art, and worked as a doll artist and graphic designer before becoming a picture-book author. His works for children include storybooks as well … Details

  • Hirokazu Miyazaki

    Hirokazu Miyazaki みやざきひろかず

    Hirokazu Miyazaki (1951–) was born in Nara Prefecture and graduated from the Hokkaido University of Education with a degree in art. He received the Nissan Children's Book Grand Prix Picture Book Prize in 1984 for … Details

  • Hiroshi Miyazawa

    Hiroshi Miyazawa (1967–) is deputy editor of Nikkei Architecture magazine. He graduated from Waseda University with a political science major in 1990. He currently draws illustrations for the Visiting Japan’s Pre-modern Architecture series … Details

  • Sekiya Miyoshi

    Sekiya Miyoshi 三好碩也

    Sekiya Miyoshi (1924–1997) was born in Tokyo. After withdrawing from the University of Tokyo without completing a degree, he studied architecture as well as the theatrical arts and painting. For his training as … Details

  • Minori Mizukami

    Minori Mizukami 水上みのり

    Minori Mizukami  (1967–) was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. After completing an associate's degree in art, she worked as a designer for department stores and other large-scale retail facilities before resigning to enroll in Setsu … Details

  • Mon

    Mon もん

    Mon lives in Tokyo, where she works as an illustrator and designs novelty goods. Her submission for the Poplar New Character Grand Prize contest took the Nezumi-kun (“Little Mouse”) Prize in 2014. Mofumo-chan to issho … Details

  • Yoriko Moriyama

    Yoriko Moriyama 森山杳里子

    Yoriko Moriyama is an illustrator distinguished by her finely detailed, highly expressive illustrations of plants and animals. She notes that her two cats effectively head the household she maintains with her husband and son. Her … Details

  • Kaori Moro

    Kaori Moro もろかおり

    Kaori Moro was a preschool teacher before becoming a self-taught illustrator. Picture books she has illustrated include the onomatopoeic titles Pittsun tsun (story by Etsuko Bushika) and Pappi puppe pon (story by Yoshiaki Ushiro). She … Details

  • Tsutomu Murakami

    Tsutomu Murakami was born in Hyogo Prefecture. His drawings for a new edition of famed juvenile author Satoru Sato's Dare mo shiranai chiisana kuni (A Little Country No One Knows) in 1964 represented his debut … Details

  • Yasunari Murakami

    Yasunari Murakami 村上 康成

    Yasunari Murakami  (1955–) was born in Gifu Prefecture and attended Aichi University of the Arts. After stints working at a publisher and a design firm, he decided to turn independent. An avid outdoorsman, he … Details

  • Kazuhiro Murakawa

    Kazuhiro Murakawa 村川和宏

    Kazuhiro Murakawa  (1970–)  was born in Yamagata Prefecture. He made his debut as a manga artist in 1999 with Ayumu no koma (Ayumu’s Pieces), a year-long series in the manga weekly Shōnen Sandē (Boys’ Sunday) about … Details

  • Kuniko Nagasaki

    Kuniko Nagasaki 長崎訓子

    Kuniko Nagasaki (1970–) is a native of Tokyo. Since graduating from Tama Art University’s Department of Textile Design she has worked as a freelance illustrator of magazines, books, and advertising. In addition to … Details