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  • Chihiro Iwasaki

    Chihiro Iwasaki 岩崎ちひろ

    Chihiro Iwasaki, a native of Fukui Prefecture, was inspired by a desire to see peace and happiness come to children everywhere, and devoted her life to drawing pictures of young people. Her subjects are brought … Details

  • Kōzō Kakimoto

    Kōzō Kakimoto 柿本幸造

    Kōzō Kakimoto (1915–1998) was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. A children’s book illustrator, he received the Shogakukan Children’s Publication Culture Arts Award in 1959. Among the titles he illustrated are Jamu jamu Donkuma-san (Mr. … Details

  • Takehiro Karube

    Takehiro Karube 軽部武宏

    Takehiro Karube  (1969–) was born in Tokyo and works both as an artist and as a picture-book author and illustrator. He has exhibited and won awards at numerous art exhibitions, including the Japan Graphics Exhibition. … Details

  • Megumi Karube

    Megumi Karube かるべめぐみ

    Megumi Karube (1974–) was born in Nagoya, and graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art with a degree in oil painting. In 2003 she was selected to exhibit in the Illustrators Exhibition at … Details

  • Tomoko Katano

    Tomoko Katano カタノトモコ

    Tomoko Katano was born in Miyazaki Prefecture. She worked as an in-house designer for a time before striking out on her own as a freelance illustrator. She leapt to fame as the original designer of … Details

  • Ken Katayama

    Ken Katayama 片山健

    Ken Katayama  (1940–) illustrated Yu-chan no mikisaa-sha (The Wonderful Mixer; story by Yuko Murakami) in 1968 and published his own Mori no obake (Ghost in the Woods) in 1969, before taking a break from picture books for over … Details

  • Chaco Kato

    Chaco Kato 加藤 チャコ

    Chaco Kato  (1963–) was born in Sendai and graduated from Nihon University. She subsequently took a diploma at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, studied in Paris under a French government … Details

  • Takako Kawakami

    Takako Kawakami かわかみたかこ

    Takako Kawakami (1967–) was born in Tokyo, and is a graduate of the Setsu Mode Seminar design school. She is known for her cute and highly original illustrations, and for the distinctive sensibilities … Details

  • Kyoko Kikuchi

    Kyoko Kikuchi 菊池恭子

    Kyoko Kikuchi was born in Chiba Prefecture. Among the many titles she has illustrated are Miki-chan to Mu (Miki and Mu), Nekojarashi no nohara (Foxtail Field), and Oinariyama no himitsu (The Secret of Mt. Inari). … Details

  • Kyoko Kikuchi

    Kyoko Kikuchi きくちきょうこ

    Kyoko Kikuchi  (1948–) was born in Chiba Prefecture, and graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. She works as an artist and illustrator. Her endearing illustrations of children and animals grace the … Details

  • Takushi Kitada

    Takushi Kitada きただたくし

    Takushi Kitada (1921–1992) was an illustrator of numerous works of children’s literature, many of them featuring vehicles, such as Moritarō-san no jidōsha (Moritarō’s Car), written by Makoto Ōishi, a frequent collaborator. Kitada was … Details

  • Tatsuro Kiuchi

    Tatsuro Kiuchi きうちたつろう

    Tatsuro Kiuchi (1966–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from International Christian University with a degree in biology. He subsequently studied at the Art Center College of Design in the United States, and … Details

  • Asami Kiyokawa

    Asami Kiyokawa 清川あさみ

    Asami Kiyokawa (1979–) is known for her unique artwork combining embroidery and photography. With needle and thread she has also produced book illustrations, video art, installations, advertising, and clothing, all of which convey … Details

  • Yutaka Kobayashi

    Yutaka Kobayashi (1944–) is a Nihonga artist and picture-book creator. He decided to become an artist while studying in England after graduating from Rikkyo University. In 1979, his very first submission was accepted … Details

  • Yura Komine

    Yura Komine こみねゆら

    Yura Komine is a native of Kumamoto Prefecture. An illustrator and author of puppet plays, she graduated from the Painting Department of Tokyo University of the Arts and received a degree from its Graduate School … Details

  • Junji Koyose

    Junji Koyose コヨセジュンジ

    Junji Koyose (1949–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. A graduate of Setsu Mode Seminar, he works as an illustrator for such magazines as an an, Sesame, and BMW Bikes, and has also designed … Details

  • Ken Kuroi

    Ken Kuroi 黒井健

    Ken Kuroi (1947–) was born in Niigata Prefecture and graduated from the Niigata University Faculty of Education with a degree in art. He worked as a children’s book editor with a major publisher … Details

  • Junko Kusuhara

    Junko Kusuhara くすはら順子

    Junko Kusuhara was born in Osaka Prefecture and graduated from Osaka Shōin Women’s University. She works as an illustrator for picture books and children’s stories. Titles she has collaborated on as an illustrator include Jūnishi … Details

  • Naoko Machida

    Naoko Machida 町田尚子

    Naoko Machida  (1968–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. Her drawings evoke a distinctive mood of darkness and shadows. She drew the cover … Details

  • Chiho Makino

    Chiho Makino 牧野千穂

    Chiho Makino (1965–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture and graduated from Kyōto Seika University with a degree in design. After working as a product planner and designer for a stationery maker, she struck … Details