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  • Yoshifumi Hasegawa

    Yoshifumi Hasegawa 長谷川義史

    Yoshifumi Hasegawa (1961–) was born in Osaka and has written and illustrated many picture books. His first was Ojiichan no ojiichan no ojiichan no ojiichan (Grandpa’s Grandpa’s Grandpa’s Grandpa), published in 2000. His … Details

  • Tomoko Hasegawa

    Tomoko Hasegawa 長谷川知子

    Tomoko Hasegawa (1947–) was born in Hokkaido and graduated from the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. She won the Sankei Children's Book Award in 1979 for her illustrations in … Details

  • Kōshirō Hata

    Kōshirō Hata はたこうしろう

    Kōshirō Hata (1963–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated with an art degree from Kyoto Seika University. Besides being a picture-book author and illustrator, he also works as a book designer. His solo-production … Details

  • Akiko Hayashi

    Akiko Hayashi 林明子

    Akiko Hayashi (1945–) was born in Tokyo. After graduating from college, she worked at famed illustrator Hiroshi Manabe’s company for a time before establishing herself as an illustrator and picture-book author in her … Details

  • Kenzo Hayashi

    Kenzo Hayashi 林健造

    Kenzo Hayashi (1943–) is a graphic and book designer from Ehime Prefecture who has won numerous honors. He also works on picture books, mostly in collaboration with his wife, Makie Nakamura, who provides … Details

  • Takako Hirai

    Takako Hirai ひらいたかこ

    Takako Hirai (1954–) graduated from Musashino Art University and works as both an illustrator and a picture-book author. She made her publishing debut in 1980 with the picture book Aru asa Jiji Jan … Details

  • Keiko Hiramatsu

    Keiko Hiramatsu 平松恵子

    Keiko Hiramatsu (1983–) was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After a stint as a caregiver, she enrolled in an illustrators' school with an eye to making a career change, and now works as a freelance … Details

  • Eizo Hirayama

    Eizo Hirayama 平山英三

    Eizo Hirayama (1933–) is an illustrator and picture-book author. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Many of his picture books feature bears, including Koguma-san to Kaeru-san (Baby Bear and Frog), Koguma-san … Details

  • Takako Hirono

    Takako Hirono 広野多珂子

    Takako Hirono (1947–) was born in Aichi Prefecture and studied at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Spain. She began writing for children after returning to Japan. Among her many works are the … Details

  • Gen Hirose

    Gen Hirose 広瀬弦

    Gen Hirose (1968–) is a picture-book author and illustrator from Tokyo who is highly acclaimed for his striking originality and skill at giving shape to humorously unique characters. His picture books include Yumemiru … Details

  • Kunihiko Hisa

    Kunihiko Hisa ヒサクニヒコ

    Kunihiko Hisa  (1944–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Keio University. He has worked broadly as a manga artist and illustrator, receiving the Bungeishunju Manga Award in 1972 for Senso: manga taiheiyosen shi (War: A … Details

  • Rimako Horikawa

    Rimako Horikawa ほりかわりまこ

    Rimako Horikawa graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1989 with a degree in design; two years later she completed an advanced degree in the graduate school, winning the institution's Salon de Plantain Prize … Details

  •  Seiichi Horiuchi

    Seiichi Horiuchi 堀内誠一

    Seiichi Horiuchi  (1932–1987) was born in Tokyo and worked both as a graphic designer and as a picture book author. He got his start in the advertising section of a department store at the … Details

  • Kazuyoshi Iino

    Kazuyoshi Iino 飯野和好

    Kazuyoshi Iino  (1947–) , a native of Saitama Prefecture, is an illustrator and picture-book author. He worked as a designer of women's clothing and accessories before enrolling in Setsu Nagasawa's design school, Setsu Mode Seminar, … Details

  • Yōko Imoto

    Yōko Imoto いもとようこ

    Yōko Imoto (1944–) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from Kanazawa College of Art with a degree in oil painting. She taught school for a time before becoming a picture-book author and … Details

  • Yosuke Inoue

    Yosuke Inoue 井上洋介

    Yosuke Inoue  (1931–2016) was born in Tokyo. Besides illustrating children's books and creating picture books of his own, he also produces original paintings and prints. His solo titles include the picture books Magareba magarimichi (Around the … Details

  • Satoshi Iriyama

    Satoshi Iriyama いりやまさとし

    Satoshi Iriyama (1958–) was born in Tokyo. He worked as a greeting-card artist and character designer before becoming an illustrator and picture-book author. Including such titles as Piyo-chan no okāsan doko? (Where’s Your … Details

  • Satoshi Itaya

    Satoshi Itaya いたやさとし

    Satoshi Itaya (1969–) was born in Saitama Prefecture. Following high school, he entered a three-year art school program, after which he began a career as a freelance artist working on television sets, amusement … Details

  • Hideo Ito

    Hideo Ito 伊藤秀男

    Hideo Ito  (1950–) is a native of Tsushima in Aichi Prefecture, and graduated from the Department of Western Art at the Nagoya Junior College of Plastic Arts. In 1992 he received the Shogakukan Award … Details

  • Hiroshi Itō

    Hiroshi Itō いとうひろし

    Hiroshi Itō (1957–) is a native of Tokyo. One of the finest picture-book authors in Japan, he received the Japan Picture Book Award in 1990 for Ruraru-san no niwa (Mr. Ruraru’s Yard). In … Details