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  • Noriko Ueno

    Noriko Ueno 上野紀子

    Noriko Ueno was born in Saitama Prefecture. She graduated from the Nihon University Arts Department and worked as an illustrator on her way to becoming a creator of picture books. While still in school, she … Details

  • Makoto Wada

    Makoto Wada 和田誠

    Makoto Wada  (1936–) was born in Osaka. He works as an illustrator, graphic designer, book designer, and film director. After finishing art school, he initially went to work for a company that produced ads, where … Details

  • Yoji Watanabe

    Yoji Watanabe 渡辺洋二

    Yoji Watanabe (1943–) was born in Tokyo. He received Japan Picture Book Awards as an illustrator for Yai Tokage (Yo, Lizard!; story by Yasuko Funazaki) in 1984, and for Ponpon-yama no tsuki (Moon … Details

  • Masayuki Yabuuchi

    Masayuki Yabuuchi 薮内正幸

    Masayuki Yabuuchi (1940–2000) was born in Osaka. He loved animals from when he was little, and taught himself to draw them at a young age. After graduating from Osaka's Yuhigaoka High School he … Details

  • Mao Yamaguchi

    Mao Yamaguchi 山口マオ

    Mao Yamaguchi  (1958–) was born in Chiba Prefecture and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. He has exhibited or won prizes at numerous juried art shows, including the JACA '84 Exhibition of Japanese Illustration. With … Details

  • Tadayoshi Yamamoto

    Tadayoshi Yamamoto  (1916–2003) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo University of the Arts). He worked in animated film production for Yokohama Cinema before becoming a … Details

  • Kōhei Yamashita

    Kōhei Yamashita やましたこうへい

    Kōhei Yamashita (1971–) graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the Osaka University of Arts and works as a graphic designer, character products designer, and picture-book author under the design label “mountain mountain.” He is … Details

  • Fujie Yamauchi

    Fujie Yamauchi 山内ふじ江

    Fujie Yamauchi  (1946–) was born in Tochigi Prefecture and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Now living in Minami-Ashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture, she works as an illustrator and picture-book artist and is known for her … Details

  • Yuriko Yamawaki (Yuriko Ōmura)

    Yuriko Yamawaki (Yuriko Ōmura) 山脇百合子(大村百合子)

    Yuriko Yamawaki (Yuriko Ōmura) (1941–) was born in Tokyo. She began illustrating during her senior year in high school, and had her first big publishing hit while still a student at Sophia University, … Details

  • Ryohei Yanagihara

    Ryohei Yanagihara 柳原 良平

    Ryohei Yanagihara (1931–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts on his way to becoming an illustrator and a manga and animation artist. He got his start in … Details

  • Yoshiko Yazama

    Yoshiko Yazama 矢間芳子

    Yoshiko Yazama (1945–) was born in northeastern China—the former Manchuria. While working in textile design, she began trying her hand at picture books about plants and insects. She has a special fondness for … Details

  • Bunpei Yorifuji

    Bunpei Yorifuji 寄藤文平

    Bunpei Yorifuji (1973–) is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Nagano Prefecture. He founded the Yorifuji Design Office in 1998, followed by Bunpei Ginza LLC in 2000. In addition to designing book … Details

  • Shinsuke Yoshitake

    Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ

    Shinsuke Yoshitake  (1973–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He completed a graduate degree in plastic arts and mixed media at the University of Tsukuba. In addition to working as a commercial artist and producing … Details

  • Seigo Kijima

    Seigo Kijima 木島誠悟

    Seigo Kijima (1949–) was born in the eastern Hokkaido city of Kushiro. He started showing his illustrations while still a student at Tokyo Design College, and had his work selected by a series … Details

  • Hatsumi Chigira

    Hatsumi Chigira 千明初美

    Hatsumi Chigira (1951–) was born in Gunma Prefecture. She began drawing manga when she was still in high school. After publishing numerous manga stories in the magazine Ribon (Ribbon), she turned to drawing educational manga. … Details

  • Masanori Inui

    Masanori Inui イヌイマサノリ

    Masanori Inui (1983-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art with a degree in oil painting. He worked as a high-school art teacher for a time before quitting his … Details

  • Jinco

    Jinco JINCO

    Jinco graduated from Seisen University with a degree in Japanese literature, and began her career as a product planner at San-x, known for its stationery and other merchandise featuring a variety of cute characters. She … Details

  • Tupera Tupera

    Tupera Tupera tupera tupera

    Tupera Tupera is the pseudonym adopted by Tatsuya Kameyama (b. 1976 in Mie Prefecture; graduate of Musashino Art University) and Atsuko Nakagawa (b. 1978 in Kyoto; graduate of Tama Art University), who have been working … Details