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  • Koji Suzuki

    Koji Suzuki スズキコージ

    Koji Suzuki  (1948–)  was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. His work as an illustrator includes not only picture books and children's stories, but posters, paintings, and stage design. He draws in a bold, dynamic, colorful style … Details

  • Mamoru Suzuki

    Mamoru Suzuki 鈴木まもる

    Mamoru Suzuki (1952–) was born in Tokyo. He entered Tokyo University of the Arts to study ceramics, but withdrew without completing a degree. Thereafter he exercised his creative energies mainly through picture books … Details

  • Seiichi Tabata

    Seiichi Tabata 田畑精一

    Seiichi Tabata (1931–) was born in Osaka. A strong interest in puppet plays led him to drop out of Kyoto University's Faculty of Science to join the puppet troupe Puk, and later the Ningyoza company. He … Details

  •  Jun Takabatake

    Jun Takabatake (1948–) graduated with an art degree from the Aichi University of Education near Nagoya, the city where he was born, then set out on a career as an illustrator. He has … Details

  • Nao Takabatake

    Nao Takabatake 高畠那生

    Nao Takabatake (1978–) was born in Gifu Prefecture. He made his publishing debut after receiving an honorable mention in the 2003 Kodansha Awards for a submission later released as Inu no Mūbau: Ii … Details

  • Kazue Takahashi

    Kazue Takahashi たかはしかずえ

    Kazue Takahashi (1971–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. She made her debut as a picture-book author with Kumakuma-chan (Kuma-Kuma-chan the Little Bear) in 2001, and also works … Details

  • Kazumi Takasu

    Kazumi Takasu たかすかずみ

    Kazumi Takasu was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She works as an illustrator for children's magazines and picture books. She is favored for a soft and warm style of drawing using pastels. Her work can be … Details

  • Miho Takeda

    Miho Takeda 武田美穂

    Miho Takeda (1959–) , a native of Tokyo, made her debut as a picture-book author in 1987 with Ashita ensoku (Tomorrow's the Class Outing). She received a Japan Picture Book Award and the Kodansha … Details

  • Tsūga Takeuchi

    Tsūga Takeuchi 竹内通雅

    Tsūga Takeuchi (1957–) was born in Nagano Prefecture. A graduate of the Woodblock Print Department of the Sōkei Academy of Fine Art & Design, he worked as an illustrator before becoming a children’s book author … Details

  • Jiro Takidaira

    Jiro Takidaira 滝平二郎

    Jiro Takidaira (1921–2009) was born in Ibaragi Prefecture. Shortly after graduating from high school he took up woodblock printing, and dedicated himself to the art in earnest after the war ended in 1945. … Details

  • Kiyo Tanaka

    Kiyo Tanaka 田中清代

    Kiyo Tanaka (1972–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and graduated from Tama Art University. She produced her first picture books while still in school, and has exhibited at the Bologna Children's Book Fair … Details

  • Tomo Tani

    Tomo Tani is a manga artist and illustrator. She has provided the cover art and illustrations for numerous books and series, including the Himitsu no techō (Secret Notebooks) series and the Purinsesu Majikku (Princess Magic) series. … Details

  • Jirō Taniguchi

    Jirō Taniguchi 谷口ジロー

    Jirō Taniguchi (1947–2017) was born in Tottori Prefecture. He went to work for a textile company in Kyoto straight out of high school, but moved to Tokyo in 1966 with dreams of becoming a manga … Details

  • Mimirō Tara

    Mimirō Tara 鱈耳郎

    Mimirō Tara (1969–) was born in Osaka and graduated from Osaka Designers’ College. He worked in computer paste-up before going independent as an illustrator in 2000. Since then he has provided illustration and … Details

  • Mako Taruishi

    Mako Taruishi 垂石真子

    Mako Taruishi (1952–) graduated from Tama Art University and worked at a design company before becoming a freelance illustrator and picture-book author. Her picture books include Mori no fuyujitaku (One Day before Winter), … Details

  • Seizo Tashima

    Seizo Tashima 田島征三

    Seizo Tashima  (1940–) was born in Osaka and grew up in Kochi Prefecture. He graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. Beginning in 1969 he lived in the town of Hinode in the mountains … Details

  • Yoshiharu Tsuchida

    Yoshiharu Tsuchida つちだよしはる

    Yoshiharu Tsuchida (1957–) was born in Yamagata Prefecture. He began producing picture books in earnest after Kiroi baketsu (The Yellow Bucket) was selected as one of the books for the School Library Association's "Young Readers Book Report Contest" in … Details

  • Rotoh Tsuda

    Rotoh Tsuda 津田櫓冬

    Rotoh Tsuda is an artist and picture-book author from Kyoto. He began illustrating picture books for children after working for a printing company and as an artist for a children's TV show. Among his many works … Details

  • Yasushi Tsukamoto

    Yasushi Tsukamoto 塚本やすし

    Yasushi Tsukamoto (1965–) was born in Tokyo. He works not only as an illustrator but as a picture-book author in his own right; he is also an essayist. His picture books include Retasu … Details

  • Osamu Tsukasa

    Osamu Tsukasa hails from Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture. A self-taught artist, he is a painter of tableaux as well as the creator of a large number of book designs, illustrations, and picture books. He is also … Details