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  • Takao Saito

    Takao Saito 斎藤隆夫

    Takao Saito (1952–) was born in Saitama Prefecture and graduated from the Taiheiyo Art School. Picture-book titles he has illustrated include Kaeru no Heike monogatari (The Frogs and the Cat), Zuiton-san (Zuiton: A … Details

  • Hiroyuki Saitō

    Hiroyuki Saitō 斎藤博之

    Hiroyuki Saitō (1919–1987) was born in Manchuria and graduated from the Imperial Art School (forerunner to Tama Art University). He was a painter and a picture-book author. He received the Kodansha Award for … Details

  • Komako Sakai

    Komako Sakai 酒井駒子

    Komako Sakai (1966–) is a native of Hyōgo Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, she worked for a time as a designer of kimono and other traditional textiles before becoming … Details

  • Makoto Sakuma

    Makoto Sakuma 佐久間真人

    Makoto Sakuma (1973–) was born in Aichi Prefecture. He started working as an artist around 1993, and in 1998 began mounting regular solo shows at the Ginza gallery Beaux-Arts Mieux. He has provided … Details

  • Fusae Sanada

    Fusae Sanada 真田ふさえ

    Fusae Sanada (1939–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Musashino Art School (now Musashino Art University) with a degree in commercial design. A woodblock print artist, she frequently holds solo exhibitions of … Details

  • Maki Sasaki

    Maki Sasaki 佐々木マキ

    Maki Sasaki (1946–) was born in Kobe and studied at Kyoto City University of Arts. He works as a manga artist, picture-book author, and illustrator. His manga debut came with a story entitled … Details

  • Yōko Sasaki

    Yōko Sasaki ささきようこ

    Yōko Sasaki  (1952–) was born in Aomori Prefecture and graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. She has long collaborated closely with children's author Eiko Kadono on such works as the Chiisana obake … Details

  • Miho Satake

    Miho Satake 佐竹美保

    Miho Satake (1957–) was born in Toyama Prefecture. She is a graduate of the Design Department of Takaoka Kogei High School. She has specialized primarily in illustrations of science fiction and fantasy titles, … Details

  • Churyo Sato

    Churyo Sato 佐藤忠良

    Churyo Sato  (1912–2011) was born in Miyagi Prefecture and spent part of his childhood in Hokkaido before moving to Tokyo and graduating from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts with a degree in sculpture. He … Details

  • Aya Sato

    Aya Sato さとうあや

    Aya Sato  (1968–) was born in Chiba Prefecture. As an illustrator of children's books she has won a following for the lighthearted touch of her watercolors. Among her titles are Obake no O-chan (Ohchan the Little … Details

  • U.G. Sato

    U.G. Sato U.G.サトー

    U.G. Sato (1935–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. In an exhibit titled Watashi no shinkaron (My Theory of Evolution) mounted in 1972, he established an artistic style that … Details

  • Yuka Satō

    Yuka Satō サトウユカ

    Yuka Satō graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Tokyo Designer Gakuin College with a degree in illustration, and has been working as a freelance illustrator since 1997. Titles she has illustrated include the Japanese … Details

  • Toshiki Sawada

    Toshiki Sawada 沢田としき

    Toshiki Sawada (1959–2010) was born in Aomori. In addition to authoring picture books, he worked in commercial illustration and stage design, and also performed on the djembe, an African drum. His solo picture … Details

  • Yasuo Segawa

    Yasuo Segawa 瀬川康男

    Yasuo Segawa (1932–2010) was born in Aichi Prefecture. After moving to Tokyo he met children's author Miyoko Matsutani, an encounter that led him to become involved with her puppet troupe, Taro-za, for which … Details

  • Ben Shahn

    Ben Shahn ベン・シャーン

    Ben Shahn was born in Lithuania but became one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century in the United States, where he moved when he was seven. While training to be a lithographer, … Details

  • Tomomi Shimada

    Tomomi Shimada しまだともみ

    Tomomi Shimada (1975–) was born in Tochigi Prefecture and graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in oil painting. After college she established herself as a freelance illustrator for magazines and CD … Details

  • Masakatsu Shimoda

    Masakatsu Shimoda 下田昌克

    Masakatsu Shimoda (1967–) was trained at the Kuwasawa Design School. For a period of two years beginning in 1994 he traveled through China, Tibet, Nepal, India, and the countries of Europe, drawing portraits … Details

  • Kozo Shimuzu

    Kozo Shimuzu しみずこうぞう

    Kozo Shimizu  (1925–) was born in Fukui Prefecture. In 1981 he received a Japan Picture Book Award for Happo nirami neko (The Cat with All-Seeing Eyes; story by Hideko Takeda); the work also won an … Details

  • Kotobuki Shiriagari

    Kotobuki Shiriagari しりあがり寿

    Kotobuki Shiriagari (1958–) was born in Shizuoka and graduated from art university before working in package design and advertising for major beverage maker Kirin. In 1985 he made his manga debut with Ereki … Details

  • Shigeki Suezaki

    Shigeki Suezaki 末崎茂樹

    Shigeki Suezaki (1948–) was born in Osaka. He creates picture books both alone and in collaboration with other authors as an illustrator. Among his solo titles are Neko nante daikirai (I Hate Cats), … Details