Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abe あべ弘士

Hiroshi Abe  (1948–)  was born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where he worked as a zookeeper from 1972 to 1995 before becoming a freelance children's book author. His drawings depict subtle nuances of expression and movement that are underpinned by his many years of observing animals at close quarters. With deceptively simple line work he is able to show even the lie of the fur, creating an animal world that is captivating and easy to enter for children and grown-ups of all ages. In addition to One Stormy Night . . . (tr. 2003) and its sequels, his major works include the series Harinezumi no Purupuru (Purupuru the Hedgehog), which won the Akaitori Award for Illustration in 2000; Gorira nikki (Gorilla Diary), which received the Shogakukan Children's Publication Culture Award in 1999; Nanka no Kero-kun (Always Something Kero); Minna nosete (All Aboard); and Dobutsuen gaido: Yonde tanoshii! Itte tanoshii! (The First Zoo Guide for Small Children).

Books by Hiroshi Abe
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    Always Something Kero

    The book contains three stories about a little frog named Kero, who has earned the nickname of "Always Something Kero" for his habitual use of the word nanka, or "something." "Can I have something?" he asks his mother in the first story. She gives him so …