Eigoro Futamata

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Eigoro Futamata

Eigoro Futamata 二俣 英五郎

Eigoro Futamata is a native of Otaru, Hokkaido. His drawing style appears simple, but every detail is carefully designed to give readers a visceral sense of the emotions and actions of the characters he portrays. He has won the affections of readers over many years through his humorous, gentle, and warm style of illustration. Futamata has been active as an illustrator of picture books as well as of traditional kamishibai (paper play) art. His works include the kamishibai story Taberareta yamamba (The Mountain Witch Who Was Gobbled Up), and the picture books Torikaekko (tr. I Say, You Say), which won the Japan Picture Book Award, Kitsune no okyakusama (The Fox's Guests), Kuki ga naku naru hi (The Day the Air Disappears), and Kogitsune Kon to kodanuki Pon (Little Fox Kon and Little Badger Pon), which won the Prize for the Promotion of Social Welfare for Children.

Books by Eigoro Futamata
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    I Say, You Say

    The baby chick Pyo goes off to the woods to play. In the course of various adventures, she swaps voices with the animals she meets there, borrowing the voices of a mouse, a pig, a frog, and a dog, one after the other. When she finds herself attacked by a …