Tsūga Takeuchi

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Tsūga Takeuchi

Tsūga Takeuchi 竹内通雅

Tsūga Takeuchi (1957–) was born in Nagano Prefecture. A graduate of the Woodblock Print Department of the Sōkei Academy of Fine Art & Design, he worked as an illustrator before becoming a children’s book author at age 39. His vibrant artwork and slightly comical stories have made him a favorite among young readers. Picture-book titles he has illustrated include Erai erai! (Bravo Bravo!), Bukyabukya bū (Oinky Boink Boink), Guruguru Gurupon (Gurupon, the Child Wizard), and Henteko resutoran (A Collection of Very Funny Restaurants).

Books by Tsūga Takeuchi
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    He Made Me Want to Hurry Home

    Daddy Wildcat is on his way home to his wife and son, thinking with great satisfaction about how much his son admires him, when he spots a tasty-looking mouse trying to make himself scarce. Licking his chops, he is about to pounce, when the little creatur …