Masanori Inui

Masanori Inui イヌイマサノリ

Masanori Inui (1983-) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture and graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art with a degree in oil painting. He worked as a high-school art teacher for a time before quitting his job to travel around the globe. In the years since, he has worked as a painter, illustrator, and text designer for magazines and advertisers. His work was selected for the Bologna Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition in 2015. The following year he received the Wakayama Picture Book Grand Prize for Itterasshai Unchi-kun (Goodbye, Mr. Poopy), which he created together with Masatoshi Nakao.

Books by Masanori Inui
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    Rag Tag Wrestlers

    Cara the Flowery Towel has been touring as a pop idol. But one day a gang of dustballs who love nothing better than to make things dirty crash her performance and throw mud bombs at her. Even after scrubbing in the bath, the dirt doesn’t all come out, a …