Seigo Kijima

Seigo Kijima 木島誠悟

Seigo Kijima (1949–)  was born in the eastern Hokkaido city of Kushiro. He started showing his illustrations while still a student at Tokyo Design College, and had his work selected by a series of juried exhibitions beginning in 1975. He currently works as an art director. In 2013 he received the Japan Picture Book Awards Readers’ Prize for the first picture book he illustrated, Kirin ga kuru hi (The Day the Giraffe Came; story by Kageki Shimoda). In 2015 he created his first solo picture book, Shirokuma no yūbinkyoku (Polar Bear Post Office).

Books by Seigo Kijima
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    Poko the Fish Owl

    Representing wildlife in this picture book addressing the question of how they and humans can coexist is the eponymous species of bird known in full as “Blakiston’s fish owl.” The central character is an elementary-aged boy named Isamu. As the stor …