Kōhei Yamashita

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Kōhei Yamashita

Kōhei Yamashita やましたこうへい

Kōhei Yamashita (1971–) graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the Osaka University of Arts and works as a graphic designer, character products designer, and picture-book author under the design label “mountain mountain.” He is a member of the Japan Henri Fabre Association and the Japan Graphic Designers Association. His picture books include Kaeru-kun to Kera-kun (Froggie and Mole Cricket) and the Banana sensei (Our Teacher, Mr. Banana) series, both with stories by Yukihisa Tokuda; and the solo title Sagasō! Maigonosaurusu (Where’s the Dinosaur?).

Books by Kōhei Yamashita