Michiko Egashira

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Michiko Egashira

Michiko Egashira えがしらみちこ

Michiko Egashira (1978–)  was born in Fukuoka Prefecture and graduated from Kumamoto University with a degree in education. Her solo picture books include Amefuri sanpo (A Walk in the Rain), San san sanpo (Go, Go, Go for a Walk), and Nakigoe basu (Animal-Call Bus). Picture books she has collaborated on as illustrator include Sensō shinai (Don’t War; text by Shuntarō Tanikawa) and Okāsan (Mother; text by Motchi).

Books by Michiko Egashira
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    How Much Longer, How Much Longer?

    This book focuses on times of anticipation when baby animals or children are waiting for their mother to come, wondering anxiously, “How much longer? How much longer?”?and on those special moments that follow when she finally arrives. Depicted in the …