Maki Arai

Maki Arai 荒井真紀

Maki Arai (1965–)  was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Faculty of Buddhism at Komazawa University. When she was 16, she began studying under leading Japanese plant artist Chikabo Kumada (1911–2009), and for three consecutive years beginning in 1984 she received honorable mentions at the Japan Gardening Society’s annual Botanical Art Exhibition. Picture books she has authored or collaborated on include Himawari (Sunflower), Asagao (Morning Glories), Nettai urin o iku (Through a Tropical Rain Forest), and Azuki (Adzuki Beans).

Books by Maki Arai
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    Inside Something Round

    Inside a plump, rounded tulip bud are stamens and pistils. Inside a juicy ripe peach is a pit that will one day sprout into a new tree. Inside the tiny round insect egg stuck to a leaf are the makings of a future butterfly. Inside the protective round wal …