Ai Akikusa

Ai Akikusa あきくさあい

Ai Akikusa (1975–)  graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in graphic design. Following a stint at a design agency, she now works independently as an illustrator, picture-book author, and sculptor. Picture books she has illustrated include Dōbutsuen ni ikimashō (Let’s Go to the Zoo, 2006; story by Hiroyuki Aihara) and Baku no akachan (The Baby Baku; story by Hiroyuki Aihara). Her solo creations include the picture book Boku to chiisana Popofu (Popov and Me, 2009) and the illustrated essay book Kemukujarashi: Dōbutsu irasuto essei (Furry Fun: Illustrated Animal Essays, 2009).

Books by Ai Akikusa
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    Little Dotty

    Little Dotty loves polka dots. One cold winter’s day, she wraps herself from head to toe in polka dots as she gets ready to go out?her dress, her stockings, her handkerchief, her coat, her hat, her scarf, her gloves, her boots, and even the frames of he …