Mohamed Charinda

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Mohamed Charinda

Mohamed Charinda モハメッド・チャリンダ

Mohamed Charinda (1947–)  was born in Nakpanya village in southern Tanzania. He has been painting in the Tingatinga style originated by Tanzanian painter Edward Tingatinga (1932–72) since 1975, and is known for his paintings of wild animals, village scenes, and shetani (semi-animal devils). His highly distinctive artwork for Yumiko Shimaoka’s Afurika no minwa (African Folktales) brought him to the attention of the Japanese reading public in 2012.

Books by Mohamed Charinda
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    Heart and Beard

    Once upon a time there were a heart and a beard. Because they were poor, they were often hungry. They had both gone without food for 21 days, filling their bellies with nothing but water, when they happened to run into each other. Heart suppresses his hun …