Nami Adachi

Nami Adachi あだちなみ

Nami Adachi (1974–)  was born in Gifu Prefecture and graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in graphic design. She worked for a toymaker before launching a career as a picture-book artist in 2003. She collaborates with Hiroyuki Aihara on the tremendously popular Kuma no gakkō (Bear School) series, which has grown to 19 titles and combined sales of over two million; a number of volumes have been published in translation overseas, including in France and Korea. Other titles on which she has collaborated with Aihara include the Kuma no ko Min (Min the Bear Cub) series, the Furanī to Meranī (Franny and Melanie) series, Usagi-chan to yukidaruma (Bunny and the Snowman), Ohisama-mura no kodomo-tachi (Children of Sun Village), and the Rin-chan to Ao-kun (Rin and Green) series. In addition to illustrating picture books, she designs stuffed dolls and their outfits for dress-up play.

Books by Nami Adachi
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    Rin and Green

    Rin is a red girl-apple, and Green is a green boy-apple. Born on the same day, they’ve become the best of pals, eating together, going for walks together, bathing together, napping together. They both like to lift heavy weights, and both love to get mad …