Yuka Hamano

Yuka Hamano はまのゆか

Yuka Hamano (1979–)  was born in Osaka and graduated from Kyōto Seika University with a major in manga studies. Now a picture-book author and illustrator, she made her debut while still a student in 1999, when she provided the illustrations for Ryū Murakami’s Ano kane de nani ga kaeta ka (What Did That Money Buy?), a financial picture book for adults. Other titles she has illustrated include Shin-jūsansai no harō wāku (The All-New Complete Job Guide for the 13-Year Old, text by Ryū Murakami), and Ojiichan no taisetsu na ichinichi (Grandpa’s Important Day, text by Kiyoshi Shigematsu). Among her best-known solo picture books is Imohori (Digging Sweet Potatoes).

Books by Yuka Hamano
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    No, No, Mama, No!

    One night when the little-boy narrator and his parents are all sound asleep, two small creatures, one red and one blue, sneak in through their bedroom window. The next morning the boy wakes up to loud banging and thudding and cracking noises coming from s …