Iwao Fukuda

Iwao Fukuda ふくだいわお

Iwao Fukuda (1950–)  was born in Okayama Prefecture. He is a picture book author and children’s book illustrator who has garnered many fans for his simple but warmhearted artwork. He won the Japan Picture Book Award Grand Prize in 1989 for Gatatan tan (Clickety-Clack). Among his many other works are Onara banzai (Hooray for Farts), Hajimete no katei hōmon (Teacher’s First Visit), and Otsukai shinkansen (Bullet Train Runabout).

Books by Iwao Fukuda
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    The Big Omelet

    Elephant cooks up a huge omelet using lots of eggs. A delicious aroma wafts through the woods, and before long a tanuki racoon dog, a rabbit, some boars, and other animals have gathered round. They all dig into the giant omelet with relish. Because it got …