Mayumi Abe

Mayumi Abe 阿部真由美

Mayumi Abe (1958–)  is a graduate of Kuwasawa Design School, and works as an illustrator for books, magazines, and PR publications. Among the books she has illustrated are Wagashi no hon (Wagashi—Japanese Confectioneries), Wagashi: Yume no katachi (Wagashi: The Shape of Dreams), Irasuto de manabu, hajimete no gaadeningu (An Illustrated Guide for the Beginning Gardener), and Fushigi no Furansu-gashi (French Pastries of Wonder).

Books by Mayumi Abe
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    Wagashi―Japanese Confectioneries

    Throughout history, the Japanese have taken special delight in following the progress of the seasons, a trait especially reflected in the world of wagashi?traditional Japanese sweets. These teatime treats follow the changing seasons by evoking motifs from …