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  • Akane Chihaya

    Akane Chihaya 千早茜

    Akane Chihaya (1979–) was born in Hokkaido. As a child she spent over half of her grade-school years in Zambia, where her father’s work as a veterinarian took the family; encouraged to read … Details

  • Mikito Chinen

    Mikito Chinen 知念実希人

    Mikito Chinen (1978–) was born in Okinawa Prefecture and graduated from the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo. He is a practicing internist, and the son and grandson of physicians. Although he chose a … Details

  • Shinta Chō

    Shinta Chō 長新太

    Shinta Chō (1927–2005) was a native of Tokyo and landed a job at the Tokyo Nichi Nichi newspaper by winning a cartoon contest in 1948. The following year he made his debut as … Details

  • Aya Daido

    Aya Daido 大道あや

    Aya Daido  (1909–2010) was born in Hiroshima and is the younger sister of Iri Maruki of Hiroshima Panels fame. A graduate of Yasuda Girls' School in Hiroshima, she was 36 at the time of … Details

  • Tamaki Daido

    Tamaki Daido 大道珠貴

    Tamaki Daido (1966–) debuted as an author with her 2000 short story Hadaka (Naked), winning the literary prize in a Kyushu arts festival contest open to local residents. This entry was also nominated … Details

  • Shun’ichi Dōba

    Shun’ichi Dōba 堂場瞬一

    Shun’ichi Dōba (1963–) graduated from college and began his journalistic career at Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s largest-circulation daily, where he worked at the city desk as well as other posts. In his thirties he … Details

  • Sonoe Dogaki

    Sonoe Dogaki 堂垣園江

    Sonoe Dogaki (1960–)  was a bookworm as a child and began writing her own fiction around the time she turned 30. Many of her works draw on her experience of living in Canada from … Details

  • Kaya Doi

    Kaya Doi どいかや

    Kaya Doi (1969–) was born in Tokyo and graduated with a degree in design from Tokyo Zokei University. She got her start with picture books by attending the Atosaki Juku workshop conducted by … Details

  • Kazumasa Ebisawa

    Kazumasa Ebisawa 海老沢和荘

    Kazumasa Ebisawa graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Nihon University in 1995. While employed as a physician at a pet hospital, he carried out research at a veterinary hospital specializing in birds. In … Details

  • Tomoko Egami

    Tomoko Egami えがみともこ

    Tomoko Egami (1946–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture; she now lives in Okinawa and teaches at Okinawa International University, her specialty being ethnology. She has collaborated with photographer Kotaro Kojima on such books … Details

  • Tōru Eguchi

    Tōru Eguchi 江口徹

    Tōru Eguchi (1948–) is a particle physics researcher born in Ibaraki. In 1972 he completed his doctorate in physics at the Graduate School of Science of the University of Tokyo. Currently he is a professor … Details

  • Kaori Ekuni

    Kaori Ekuni 江國香織

    Kaori Ekuni (1964–) is the daughter of essayist and haiku poet Shigeru Ekuni, and grew up writing poems and children’s stories. She studied for a year in the United States after finishing college, … Details

  • Fumiko Enchi

    Fumiko Enchi 円地文子

    Fumiko Enchi  (1905–1986) was born in Tokyo to the family of a prominent Japanese philologist, and familiarized herself with classical Japanese literature from an early age. She started writing plays in the 1920s and … Details

  • Kaoru Endō

    Kaoru Endō 遠藤薫

    Kaoru Endō (1952–) is a professor in the Gakushūin University Faculty of Law, specializing in theoretical sociology, social informatics, and social simulation. She earned her BA from the University of Tokyo in 1977, … Details

  • Tamaki Endo

    Tamaki Endo 遠藤環

    Tamaki Endo (1975–) is an associate professor in the Faculty of Economics, Saitama University, Japan. Her research fields include applied economics, area studies, and gender. Current subjects include global value chain analysis in … Details

  • Toh EnJoe

    Toh EnJoe 円城塔

    Toh EnJoe  (1972–) was born in Hokkaido. While studying for a physics degree at Tohoku University, he was active in the Sci-Fi Study Group and read both science fiction and Latin American literature. After … Details

  • Lily Franky

    Lily Franky リリー・フランキー

    Lily Franky  (1963–) is a Japanese male who uses a foreign female pen name. Born and raised in northern Kyushu, he graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and began working as an illustrator … Details

  • Machiko Fuji

    Machiko Fuji was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. She made her debut as a children’s author in 1985 with Majoko donna ko fushigi na ko (Who Is Magical Majoko?), a … Details

  • Tamotsu Fujii

    Tamotsu Fujii 藤井保

    Tamotsu Fujii (1949–) is a professional photographer. He established Tamotsu Fujii Photography in 1976. He has won numerous awards for his work, including a Mainichi Design Award, an Asahi Advertising Award, the Tokyo … Details

  • Taiyō Fujii

    Taiyō Fujii 藤井太洋

    Taiyō Fujii (1971–) was born on the island of Amami Ōshima in Kagoshima Prefecture. After stints as a stage designer, DTP producer, and graphic director, he was working for a software developer in 2012 when … Details