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  • Aki Hamanaka

    Aki Hamanaka 葉真中顕

    Aki Hamanaka (1976–) was born in Tokyo. His novel for young readers, Raibaru (Rivals), received the Kadokawa Gakugei Children's Literature Prize in 2009. In 2011 he contributed scripts for the popular manga series … Details

  • Kyoko Hamano

    Kyoko Hamano 濱野 京子

    Kyoko Hamano  (1956–) , born in Kumamoto Prefecture but raised in Tokyo, made her debut as a children's writer in 2006 with the novel Tenka muteki no ojosama 1: Keyaki goten no Meri-san (The Invincible … Details

  • Rin Hamuro

    Rin Hamuro 葉室麟

    Rin Hamuro  (1951–) was born and raised in northern Kyushu, where he worked for many years as a newspaper reporter before taking up fiction writing. His literary debut came in 2005, when he won … Details

  • Mitsuru Hanagata

    Mitsuru Hanagata 花形みつる

    Mitsuru Hanagata  (1953–) received the 1998 Noma Prize for New Writers of Children's Literature for Dragon to issho (Together with the Dragon), and the Noma Prize for Children's Literature and the JAWC Award in … Details

  • Setsuko Haneda

    Setsuko Haneda 羽田節子

    Setsuko Haneda (1940–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, with a degree in insect physiology. An avid mountain climber, she loves to observe … Details

  • Ciabou Hany (Shabo Hani)

    Ciabou Hany (or Shabo Hani in the conventional spelling; 1931–) was born in Oita Prefecture and is one of Japan's leading plant photographers. He has long held a deep interest in desert plants. In 1960 … Details

  • Yutaka Hara

    Yutaka Hara 原ゆたか

    Yutaka Hara  (1953–) , born in Kumamoto Prefecture, made his debut as an illustrator at the age of 20. In 1974 he won the Children's Literature Prize in the Kodansha Famous Schools Contest. The character … Details

  • Kyōko Hara

    Kyōko Hara 原京子

    Kyōko Hara was born in Tokyo and graduated from Wakō University with a degree in art. In 1978 she won the Children’s Literature Prize in the Kodansha Famous Schools Contest. Among her many titles are … Details

  • Hiroaki Hara

    Hiroaki Hara 原裕朗

    Hiroaki Hara is a broad-ranging creative with a hand in anime scripts, character design, and game development besides being an author of children’s books. He lives with four cats and two dogs, making for never … Details

  • Hiroaki Hara & Birthday

    Hiroaki Hara & Birthday 原裕朗&バースデイ

    Hiroaki Hara & Birthday teams the creative group Birthday Co., Ltd. with its president Hiroaki Hara, who is a picture-book author in his own right. As a maker of video and trading-card games, Birthday is … Details

  • Yasuko Harada

    Yasuko Harada 原田康子

    Yasuko Harada  (1928–2009)  was born in Tokyo but moved to her mother's hometown of Kushiro in Hokkaido when she was two years old. Chizu, one of the central characters in her 2002 novel Umigiri (Ocean … Details

  • Maha Harada

    Maha Harada 原田マハ

    Maha Harada (1962–) is a native of Tokyo who studied art history in college, then worked in-house at a number of art museums before becoming a freelance curator. She made her literary debut in 2005 … Details

  • Takehide Harada

    Takehide Harada はらだたけひで

    Takehide Harada (1954–) was born in Tokyo and works as a picture-book author. He won the Sankei Children's Book Award in 1989 for Pashuraru sensei (Mister Pacheral), and in 1992 he received the … Details

  • Hika Harada

    Hika Harada 原田ひ香

    Hika Harada (1970–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. She won the Radio Drama Grand Prize in 2006 for Ritoru purinsesu 2-gō (Little Princess No. 2). The following year she received the Subaru Literary … Details

  • Seishū Hase

    Seishū Hase 馳星周

    Seishū Hase (1959–) was born in Hokkaido and graduated from Yokohama City University. He worked as an in-house editor and writer for the publisher Keibunsha before striking out on his own as a … Details

  • Yoshifumi Hasegawa

    Yoshifumi Hasegawa 長谷川義史

    Yoshifumi Hasegawa  (1961–) was born in Osaka and has written and illustrated many picture books. His first was Ojiichan no ojiichan no ojiichan no ojiichan (Grandpa’s Grandpa’s Grandpa’s Grandpa), published in 2000. His illustrations for Otama-san no … Details

  • Shuhei Hasegawa

    Shuhei Hasegawa 長谷川集平

    Shuhei Hasegawa  (1955–) is an author of picture books and also a musician. A native of Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, he studied at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, though he did not obtain a degree. … Details

  • Shin Hasegawa

    Shin Hasegawa 長谷川伸

    Shin Hasegawa  (1884–1963)  began his writing career as a newspaper journalist and went on to become a prominent and prolific writer of popular fiction and drama. He is particularly known as the creator of the Matatabi … Details

  • Kako Hasegawa

    Kako Hasegawa 長谷川かこ

    Kako Hasegawa was born in Tokyo and graduated from Meiji University Women's College. She is an illustrator of children's books as well as a creator of original picture books. Her best-known picture books include Kozo-san … Details

  • Itsuko Hasegawa

    Itsuko Hasegawa 長谷川逸子

    Itsuko Hasegawa (1941–) is an architect. In 1986 she received the Architectural Institute of Japan Prize and a Japan Inter-Design Forum Award, and in 2000 she was given the Japan Art Academy Prize … Details